19 of the Best Podcasts for Remote Workers

The best thing about this podcast is the length of each episode – just for to five short minutes. At the time of compiling this post, there are 200 episodes, and yes, they are regularly being produced. Those of you who are new to remote work and working from home will likely find podcasts that cover the topic from every angle the most interesting. Her new podcast was designed to address the fact that many
people are working from home for the first time in the new era of social
distancing, and to provide guidance around this new reality. The podcasts options below are specifically intended for a remote work audience.

How to Create Remote Culture – Crooked

How to Create Remote Culture.

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Nearly 1 in 3 worked in hybrid arrangements, pivoting between office and home. In a 2022 survey by FlexJobs, 45% of remote workers reported saving at least $5,000 a year. Bergstrom took a remote job at Safe Families for Children, a nonprofit that works to support and stabilize families. There are stories of remote work couples who have not only embraced the freedom of working from home but have taken it a step further, combining their professional pursuits with a love for adventure and nature.

3 – Tim and Mary, Remote Work Couple’s Journey to Salesforce Success

Meet Tim and Mary, a married couple whose remote work journey has transformed their lives in unimaginable ways. In the ever-evolving landscape of work, remote work has emerged as a lifestyle choice for many. Meet Chris Ming, a Growth Product Manager in a climate technology company, who not only thrives in this environment but champions its cause. Join us as we delve into his remarkable journey, from uncertainties fresh out of college, the eye-opening world of Hollywood to becoming a remote work advocate.

remote work podcasts to check out if you wfh

This remote work podcast is a tool for generating passive income and securing online work. Debbie offers a comfortable and friendly approach that makes this podcast an easy and enjoyable listen. Hosted by Nomad Charles, this is a highly practical podcast that focuses on the transition. You’ll learn https://remotemode.net/ how to build a passive income and build the skills needed to go fully remote. From YouTubers to fitness coaches, Going Remote offers a broad range of perspectives regarding the digital nomad lifestyle. Hosted by Jacob Morgan, The Future of Work looks at changing trends in how people earn a living.

Niche Pursuits

Nomad Talk is a collaborative project between Nicholas Barang and his partner Megan Barang. If your golden years are approaching, you might think it’s too remote work podcasts late to get into the #WFA lifestyle. Digital nomads are getting started later in life, and now, remote work is seen as a valid transition to retirement.

How to Add Extracurricular Activities to Your Resume So They Actually Help Your Job Search Career Connections Center University of Florida

The summary statement is the last thing you must write on your resume. Since you have every other section filled, you will have a clear idea about the most impressive achievements, skills, and experiences on https://remotemode.net/ your resume. The right keywords will be mentioned in the job description posted by the employer. Use these words to describe your experience on your resume so that you will pass the initial screening tests.

Even if you choose not to share these links on your resume, some companies might do a background check either way. Therefore, it’s important to optimize any public profiles they can access. Most times, you’ll be working by yourself with limited supervision. So give examples on your resume that prove you’re a reliable person who knows how to self-organize, take initiative, and meet deadlines. Still, it’s best practice to tailor your application based on the company’s job description.

Where to List Your Extracurriculars on a Resume

In these circumstances, emphasizing your education can strengthen your resume, so list your education section above your resume’s work experience section. Once you’ve decided what information to highlight in your education section, you need to decide where on your resume to put it. Our free-to-use resume builder how to list remote work on resume can make you a resume in as little as 5 minutes. Just pick the template you want, and our software will format everything for you. Ambitious IT manager with proven experience leading DevOps and Agile software development teams. Well-versed in risk management, cloud infrastructure, and virtualization.

An objective is a short summary that conveys your career goals to prospective employers. Objectives are ideal for recent graduates with no work experience. However, keep in mind that you can include projects or academic achievements in your resume summary as long as they effectively demonstrate your skill set.

Add Your Qualifications

One thing to keep in mind is that the tech industry tends to have the best remote job openings and the most variety. Learning tech skills makes you more qualified for more of those job openings, though there are some that you can get with only basic tech skills. As a rule, you should always customize your resume and cover letter for every job you apply to. But, when you’re learning how to put remote work on your resume, follow a few extra tips to make sure you land in the “yes” pile. Whatever your reasons for looking for a new role, you can create the perfect remote job resume that helps you land a work-from-home (or anywhere!) job.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, remote work has demonstrated a 44% growth over 5 years. Currently, 88% of companies encourage or require employees to work from home. These tips will help you showcase remote work experience on your resume. If you’ll be leading a team of people who are working remotely or on a hybrid schedule, be explicit about your ability to manage employees without being face to face. If you’re an entry-level candidate, putting your education near the top of your resume can show employers that you have the qualifications they’re looking for.

Home office organization ideas that are chic and productive

Rather than cluttering it with cabinets and furniture, however, keep the floors (and your mind) clear by utilizing built-in bookcases wherever there is wall space. Use the color coding method to arrange your books and store the rest of the supplies by category in minimalistic, matching containers. Work-from-home setups come in all shapes and sizes depending on the space available. Whether you have a desk slipped into a small closet or an entire room dedicated to a home office, it’s important to stay organized. Regardless of how much space you have, these home office storage ideas will help keep your space tidy. To get rid of distractions, you have to learn how to declutter your workspace as much as you can.

If you’re in an apartment or aren’t able to nail shelves, there are several nailless options too. You can easily add convenient little boxes for subtle storage or fill the cubes with pretty accessories and decor to brighten up your space. They don’t take up much space in your desk but they’ll be huge in terms of keeping like items together and easily accessible.

Quick Tips for Organizing Bathrooms

The first step in cleaning your office is to conduct a workspace audit. Determine what items, paperwork and supplies you truly need and what you can do without. Think about what you use daily, what you use once in a while and what you never use. Then create separate piles for trash, items you want to keep and those you wish to donate. Below, we’re rounding up a bunch of home office organization ideas that will help you achieve that dreamy workspace that is both stylish and productive. A pinboard, modular shelving system, and a tray table all provide extra room to store items and keep them organized in their designated areas.

  • Then create separate piles for trash, items you want to keep and those you wish to donate.
  • Take, for example, the sculptural coat rack, which keeps the study area clutter-free and organized but works as art when not in use.
  • They added a mix of sleek boxes and acrylic organizers for storing everything from stationery to invoices and created a small gift station down below.
  • If your office essentials are pretty minimal, consider packing them all in a portable storage basket the NATADE storage basket from Ikea.
  • Rather than fighting it, embrace tech with clever ways to keep things better organized.
  • In the same way, you need to take advantage of the vertical space you have in your home office.

Keep only the essentials nearby by including a stackable organizer, pencil cup, and headphone stand on the surface. In lieu of standard office seating, choose an accent chair that goes with the rest of the living room. Take inspiration from the following home office storage ideas and use them to create a fully functional workspace for yourself.

Wheeled Furniture

Simply concealing the wires in your space will make a massive difference in how clean and neat it is. Communicating with clients in your office when it’s in a state of disarray can be embarrassing. An organized area will help you feel better about inviting others into your workspace. Shelves and drawers aren’t the only place to store organizational containers. As you work through each room, consider how you can maximize storage space there for more functionality.

So be a boss babe and slay your tasks with this industrial-but-boujie stationery stand. Perfect for clean freaks, trendsetters, or as a home office for him, concrete desk organizers offer an edgy and eye-catching https://remotemode.net/ look for your desk. Combined with the wire wall organizer and the comfiest best office chair, this setup has all you need to stay on top of all-important invoices, forms, and business paperwork.

Accessorize and Make Shelving With Pegboards

Easy to make and aesthetically pleasing, these painted wooden storage boxes are just the thing to add to your desk—and your office organization to-do list. Look for a container that suits your https://remotemode.net/blog/10-tips-for-setting-up-the-best-home-office/ style, paint a fun color-block pattern, and hide away your odds and ends. Chunky furniture overwhelms small spaces, so mount a desk right to the wall and install a tracking system overhead.

‘For hybrid spaces like a bedroom office, consider the placement of the desk,’ advises Fell. If your office essentials are pretty minimal, consider packing them all in a portable storage basket the NATADE storage basket from Ikea. This decoration provides a purposeful place to place children’s paintings, school reports, and whatever else needs your attention.

Attention Required! Cloudflare

They design, develop, and maintain cloud-based systems, ensuring efficient data storage and adherence to security policies. They also interact with clients, provide cloud support, and make recommendations based on client needs. The average salary of an Azure cloud engineer in the United States is $135,000. Engineers at entry-level positions usually get around $117,000 annually. Then comes the experienced professionals who earn approximately $162,500 per year. With many companies relying on Azure from Microsoft for various online services, the search for professionals in this field is also increasing.

To earn this certification, candidates are assessed on their ability to set up, configure, deploy, and ensure the successful operation of cloud solutions. Once achieved, it opens up doors to Google’s professional-level certifications, many seen elsewhere on this list. This certification validates the holder’s proficiency in crafting, managing, and implementing secure, scalable, and reliable cloud solutions using Google Cloud technologies. It signifies an individual’s understanding of Google Cloud’s infrastructure and services, enabling them to devise and optimize cloud architectures that are efficient, cost-effective, and resilient.

Develop Programming Skills:

The Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Developer certification showcases expertise in designing, building, and managing robust, scalable applications with Google Cloud technologies. It confirms the ability to leverage Google Cloud for application development. To earn this certification, candidates are tested on threat detection techniques, their ability to analyze data, identify vulnerabilities, respond to incidents, and more. The latest exam was updated in June 2023, now with greater emphasis on threat hunting, automating intel, and using various tools to monitor and respond to incidents. This list has a long history of sharing the 15 top-paying IT certifications.

This certification validates an individual’s advanced technical skills and expertise in designing and deploying scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems on the AWS platform. This certification, designed for seasoned solutions architects, serves as a testament to their comprehensive understanding of AWS architecture and design. Certification holders bring specialized knowledge in devising and implementing complex AWS architectures, optimizing infrastructure, enhancing security, and reducing costs. To get a job in cloud engineering, you need to have a combination of hands-on experience and education.

What does an Azure data engineer do?

If you’re already in an IT role, keep an eye out for opportunities to grow in these areas. Deploying cloud solutions and maintaining a secure cloud environment is crucial for most organizations. azure cloud engineer More than 60 percent of all corporate data is now stored in the cloud, with 91 percent of businesses using a public cloud and 72 percent having deployed private clouds.

azure cloud engineer roles and responsibilities

An Azure data engineer makes an average salary of $123,000/yr that includes a basic pay of 102,000/yr. If you’re ready to get started in a cloud computing career, consider enrolling in the Starting Your Career with AWS Cloud Specialization on Coursera. This program covers topics like cloud operations on AWS, cloud computing, data analytics on AWS, and more. Learners will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and perform tasks that are common in a cloud computing role. Upon completion, earn a certificate to include in your resume, CV, or LinkedIn profile.

Required Skills and Experience

Alec works as a senior content strategist at Skillsoft on the Technology and Developer team. He’s currently taking courses on Python and JavaScript, but hopes to learn Spanish too. A senior Azure data engineer– with an experience of 2-4 years, further increases the range with up to an additional $30,000/yr and can make an average of $150,000/yr. If you are at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent, you may qualify for this bootcamp. A cloud architect is responsible for managing cloud infrastructure and overseeing cloud application architecture, configuration, and deployment.

Nearly every company today, from large enterprises to small businesses, does business in the cloud. As a result, cloud engineering jobs are in high demand https://remotemode.net/ to support the growing adoption of cloud resources. There are nearly 100,000 current openings in the U.S. alone, and many more available globally.