EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel is researched and produced for the modern high buildings, Eco-housing, the frame structure and low buildings, which marks the birth of the upgrading of wall materials, has made a new leap in the modernization of wall materials. This product has replaced the traditional block; meet the modern requirements of construction materials with its new architectural concept in energy-saving benefits, waste use and outstanding performance.

EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel is made by double-sided high-strength calcium silicate board and body composition of lightweight aggregate core is made through special treatments process by a composite sandwich panel core material with light, thin body, high strength, sound insulation, waterproof, seismic resistance, thermal insulation, cold resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, etc. Meanwhile this products can be nailed, sawed, notched, non-pollution, easy and fast to construction, can greatly reduce the decoration area for walls, reducing the load of the main structure, increasing the functional space, saving the cost for the project greatly.

EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel is widely used not only all kinds of high buildings of non-load bearing walls, but also can be used for decorative panels, fire-protection partition wall, which is easy to construct, elegant and beautiful.


  1. Light weight
  2. Fire proof
  3. Water proof and damp proof
  4. Sound insulation
  5. Heat insulation
  6. Easy installation