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If you are an online website owner, social media influencer or run your own educational hub, then partnering with us is a great way to expand your business. Our program will help you get rewards for referring our services and driving traffic to our website. Specifically, broad long-term defensive solutions, like cybersecurity and risk management, top the list of impactful tools for the trading desk. The major currency
pairs are available, including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, and more. In
addition, forex traders can also trade exotic currency pairs, such as USD/MXN,
EUR/TRY, and more. The
broker’s trading platform is the industry standard MetaTrader 4 (MT4).

swap fee applies to all base currencies, including EUR, USD, and JPY. It is
important to note that the swap fee is applied daily and can be positive or
negative depending on market conditions. Spread
is the difference between the bid and ask price of a currency pair. The lower
the spread, the more profitable you can be, as you don’t have to pay a lot in
fees for each trade. LimeFx offers remuneration plans, including CPA commissions and extra cash bonuses. The best part of using this brokerage platform is its commission-free trading feature.

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  • Always stay up-to-date on what is happening in financial markets with our customizable price alerts.
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  • Additionally, LimeFx knows that traders with varying levels of experience and knowledge will approach them, and they want to make sure everyone has a place.
  • LimeFx does not offer its services to residents of certain jurisdictions such as USA, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, Syria and North Korea.

fee structure of LimeFx is quite competitive In addition, the broker does not
charge fees for depositing funds, and withdrawal fees may apply depending on
the payment method. Our Introducing Broker program has been designed especially to appeal to clients with an established client network, who can grow and expand their business with us. With LimeFx, you will be partnering with a reliable and recognised broker who can provide valuable support to help you grow. None of the information on this website is investment or financial advice. The European Business Review is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by acting on information provided on this website by its authors or clients. No reviews should be taken at face value, always conduct your research before making financial commitments.

Banking on Data: the World’s First-Ever Common Currency

is a great benefit that prevents traders from going into debt because of
unsuccessful trades. The negative balance protection feature ensures that traders
can always remain within their means. The
broker also offers 24/5 multilingual customer support to answer all queries. While
trading CFDs on shares, traders can take advantage of highly volatile markets
to increase their profit potential. Metal
trading is ideal with this broker as the spreads are competitive, and there is
a wide range of tradable instruments.

  • The
    Privilege account has all features offered in Standard and Premium accounts.
  • Partner with one of the world’s top Forex & CFDs brokersand earn up to $1000 USD commission per eachqualified client.
  • Leverage the reputation of a trusted and multi-award-winning broker when you refer new clients.
  • Most importantly, you partner with a reliable and transparent broker who can provide business support and help.

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing and forex, or you have an established presence in the forex industry, you can earn commissions by referring your audience to LimeFx. We’re constantly improving our investment platform, trying to make it the best on the market. With live trading news, financial data and video tutorials, our powerful tools will lead you from the essentials of trading, to the most advanced analysis tools. Traders
can trade CFDs on global spot indices with LimeFx, such as the Aussie 200 or
the German DAX, and more. Traders can enjoy low margin and take advantage of
the volatile markets. The
commodity market is highly liquid, so traders will never have to worry about a lack
of trading opportunities.

If you are a WordPress user with administrative privileges on this site, please enter your email address in the box below and click “Send”. Refer new active clients to earn additional cash prize rewards (in addition to your rebates) up to $1,000 for each month that you meet the set targets (shown in the table below). Get support at every stage of your Affiliate journey, from an account manager that speaks your language. Get banners and landing pages that are highly customised to your region, helping you bring in more clients. User support available 24/5 only via email or online form in English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese.

addition, the broker offers 24/5 multilingual customer support to help traders
with any queries. The broker also provides a wide range of educational
materials to help traders understand the share market better. Apart from this, the brokerage platform offers a wide range of trading markets with high leverage and tight spreads without charging a commission.

We always had the idea that the investment industry was missing more broad-minded business values. Our company is interested in successful and prosperous traders who will create high trading volume. An introducing broker earns commissions for each active trader s/he introduces.

transaction fee structure is transparent, and their multilingual customer team
is always available to help. Moreover, they have a dedicated team of
specialists who can assist with any issues or queries. Traders
get a secure transaction experience as the broker uses secure encryption
technology to ensure the safety of your funds. LimeFx
offers multiple payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, including bank
transfers, credit cards, e-wallets, and more. It is calculated as the difference between the
interbank interest rate and the broker’s rate multiplied by your position size.

A wide selection of technical indicators

Watching old-school floor traders in documentaries such as “Floored” on Youtube surprises many a modern trader with how different trading was prior to the popularization of computers. To a certain extent, traders would develop an edge simply by having superior social skills. The trader closest to the broker, with the loudest voice and largest gesticulations, could have their order enacted quicker than their smaller, less-visible counterparts. Get the most out of fundamental and technical analysis with our News Feed and Economic Calendars. Always stay up-to-date on what is happening in financial markets with our customizable price alerts. Advanced
trading orders help traders to stay in control of their trades and keep their
losses to a minimum.

With this platform, traders can easily access various markets
and instruments. As
traders have options for both fixed and floating spreads, they can choose the
most suitable type of spread for their trading strategies. Fixed spreads in
forex help traders protect their capital and ensure consistent profits. Additionally, LimeFx knows that traders with varying levels of experience and knowledge will approach them, and they want to make sure everyone has a place. To achieve this, the broker offers up to 4 different account types, each with differing specifications.


you prefer fixed or floating spreads, LimeFx has you covered. With KYC (Know Your Customer) and anti-money laundering (AML) procedures in place,
LimeFx ensures its limefx scammers clients comply with the necessary regulations. Each of your customers will get access to our team of dedicated sales professionals, with 24/5 support in their local language.

The Complete Training Program

can benefit from competitive spreads and flexible leverage across LimeFx’s
commodity range. If
you’re looking for hedging, the broker allows you to open multiple positions
simultaneously to protect your capital from unforeseen market movements. Moreover, with a deep liquidity pool, traders will never have to worry about a
lack of trading opportunities. In
addition, the broker offers round-the-clock customer support in case of any
queries. Traders
can trade metals to diversify their portfolios and benefit from market
volatility. Moreover, as the supply and demand of metals fluctuate, traders can
take advantage of price movements to increase their profit potential.

The broker offers CFDs on
futures such as commodities, currencies and indices. LimeFx
is authorised and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority
(FSA), which means there are measures in place to protect clients. The broker
also implements the latest encryption technology to protect clients’ personal
and financial information.

We respect the trust of our clients and critically analyze disciplined process for investments which is the key to our success. CFDs on commodities offer
lots of trading opportunities due to their low or negative correlations. Becoming an Introducing Broker with LimeFx means you can benefit from our exclusive packages and tailored solutions. LimeFx’s Introducing Brokers’ program focuses on providing each client with the right tools to enter a competitive market and maximise their potential. Our lucrative programme gives you the opportunity to refer your customers to Axi in exchange for commission. You can earn up to $1000 USD CPA per qualified client, plus a 10% commission on Sub-Affiliate earnings if you become a Master Affiliate.

is a regulated broker offering access to the MT4 trading platform. The broker
offers four account types – Standard, Premium, Privilege and Cent – each
offering different features and benefits. The overall fee structure is competitive,
and the customer support team is knowledgeable and always ready to help.

the other hand, floating spreads are ideal for traders who want to take
advantage of market movement. This is because the spreads in forex trading are
highly competitive and are among the lowest in the industry. The
platform does not charge any withdrawal fee, but your banks or wallets may
charge additional fees. The best part about this multi-asset trading platform
is that you get both fixed and floating spreads, helping you to save money on
trading costs. In
addition, the broker provides negative balance protection, which prevents
traders from losing more money than they have invested.

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