Sauce Labs Survey Reveals: Majority of Developers Are Pushing Code to Production Without Testing, Circumventing Security Protocols, Relying on ChatGPT

We also saw patterns that might point to a plausible explanation—and a potential solution—for the issues raised by so-called Lazy Developers. DevOps teams need to develop and release faster than ever before to meet the demands of today’s consumers. The Sauce DevOps Test Toolchain helps DevOps teams evolve their testing and error monitoring processes so they can develop, update, and release market-leading web and mobile apps, faster. The Selenium browser automation tool allows you to write test code that runs through all the possible actions in your web app faster and more effectively that manual testing.

what is saucelabs

If you decide to upgrade your plan, it will take effect immediately, and you will be refunded the remaining prorated amount of the old plan and charged the prorated amount of the new plan. Beyond the surface, more subtle security protocol breaches were also discovered. Browse the continuous integration and continuous delivery documentation to explore how to integrate Sauce Labs into your DevOps pipeline. Browse the security documentation to learn how to communicate with Sauce Labs Cloud from your private network.


This reliance on unverified AI-generated code poses significant risks to software integrity. One alarming discovery was the tendency of developers to push code to production without adequate testing. 67 percent of respondents admitted what is saucelabs to this practice, jeopardising software quality, user experience, and system stability. Selenium has better support for desktop devices, while Appium has better support for testing websites on mobile devices with native browsers.

However, website testing against Android devices with Appium is only supported for Android versions 4.4 and higher. All examples are for Java, but you can use our Platform Configurator to configure your tests in the language of your choice. All virtual platform plans include our complete desktop OS / browser combinations as well as access to our mobile emulators and simulators. All VMs are spun up instantaneously and used only once for your tests, offering the highest level of security. All accounts also include debugging tools, video test playback and screenshots.

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Browse through the Live Testing documentation to manually test your app on Sauce Labs Cloud. When you’ve finished testing, you can stop your tunnel from the terminal where Sauce Connect is running by entering Ctrl+C. Sauce Connect is required to run a test on an app or website located behind a firewall. Get up and running with a basic Sauce Connect Proxy tunnel in minutes using the steps below. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask all of your release-related questions directly to the Sauce Labs team following the webinar.

what is saucelabs

Tools like Tailscale solve developer access issues so sharing credentials or circumventing systems are not a temptation. Automated and continuous testing practices mean testing in prod is happening because it’s a best practice, not because it was neglected up to that point. Sauce Labs is the leading provider of continuous testing solutions that deliver digital confidence. A longtime competitor of Sauce Labs, Kobiton offers a strong advantage in its mobile testing offering. Kobiton’s platform offers customizable device lab management, real devices on cloud or on-premise, streamlined manual testing, and scriptless test automation capabilities.

Continuous Testing Cloud

Sauce Labs is one of the most popular cloud-based application testing platforms which offers its services to enterprises (large or small), and open source developing teams. It offers both automated and manual testing of web and mobile applications for more than 800 browser platforms and mobile devices (android and iOS). The infrastructure offered by Sauce Labs is reliable and compatible, with the new technology integrations such as Selemium, Appium, and JS Unit.

what is saucelabs

Remote WebDriver classes are instantiated with the URL of the server or service you want for your tests. Here is a curated list of Top applications that are capable of replacing Sauce Labs. Want to learn more about cybersecurity and the cloud from industry leaders? Check out Cyber Security & Cloud Expo taking place in Amsterdam, California, and London. Additionally, 68 percent confessed to merging their own pull requests without review—raising concerns about potential security vulnerabilities. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

Examples of Test Configuration Options for Website Tests​

What are their constraints, what are their available resources, what is their ultimate deliverable? A developer is tasked to make a triangulation of these factors and come up with the simplest solution. So if a developer takes liberties with process or security, perhaps their main constraints are low bandwidth and/or unreasonable demands, and loosely (or not) adhering to best practices is their solution to get the job done in the required time. The finer nuances of acceptable risk and reward can be debated, but largely, bad developer behavior is a systemic issue, not a broad conspiracy of individual malicious actors. In their current role, over two-thirds of respondents (67%) admitted to pushing to prod without testing, while over a quarter (28%) of respondents regularly do so. Pushing to prod without testing jeopardizes software quality, user experience, and overall system stability.

  • The Sauce Labs Training Repo contains an extensive selection of demonstration scripts illustrating parallel testing in different frameworks and programming language combinations.
  • A shocking 70 percent of respondents confessed to using coworkers’ credentials to bypass company restrictions.
  • From pitch deck to exit strategy, he is no stranger to project business hiccups and essentials.
  • Selenium has better support for desktop devices, while Appium has better support for testing websites on mobile devices with native browsers.
  • This section of the Sauce Labs documentation provides an overview of how to use Selenium with Sauce Labs to achieve efficient and consistent test results to ensure your web app works on every operating system and browser.

Usage minutes are billed starting from when a virtual machine begins to boot up and ends when the testing job is completed including the processing of any requested test assets such as screen shots and videos. A shocking 70 percent of respondents confessed to using coworkers’ credentials to bypass company restrictions. Additionally, 60 percent admitted to sharing unredacted data without authorisation, and another 70 percent bypassed data encryption to expedite processes. These seemingly minor transgressions collectively create ample opportunities for security hacks and critical software bugs. Keeping in mind businesses have distinct business requirements, it is logical they abstain from seeking an all-in-one, ”best” software solution. Nonetheless, it is troublesome to try to find such a software solution even among branded software products.

Capabilities for Selenium and Appium Tests​

Company leaders are responsible for setting the strategy, and their lieutenants (managers) outline the product/IT requirements needed to achieve company goals. Before blaming these so-called “lazy developers,” organizations should re-evaluate their testing processes and security protocols. If developers, ever looking for a faster/easier solution, embrace cutting-edge tools like ChatGPT, shouldn’t your security practices and tools also be cutting-edge?

what is saucelabs

The “submit” method does not accurately simulate how a user would submit the form, so it is recommended to click the Submit button instead. To find an element, pass your locator method as an argument of a WebDriver API finder method. The following sections walk through each of these steps using a basic test case example — logging into a website. This example ensures that a specific user can successfully log into our demo site, Swag Labs. Unused minutes in your account at the monthly renewal time do not roll over.

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With automated testing, Sauce Labs accelerates and optimizes the tests by running them through console logs, metadata, and Selenium with complete lists of compatible commands. This helps in obtaining the responses and test results as faster as possible. Sauce Labs offers valuable and powerful cloud-based capabilities for testing mobile and web applications. It’s simple yet advanced based on the agile frameworks combined with open source code methodology.

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